Crazy, Lazy, Hazy Days of Summer

Hello and happy Tuesday everyone!

It seems not that long ago we were all complaining about the endless winter and stubborn cold, yet here we are, melting in the relentless heat and humidity.  

Regardless of whether you're loving or hating the weather right now, lying by the lake or sipping cocktails in an air conditioned bar...we have very exciting bits of news for you!

For the rest of July, we will be offering complimentary haircuts with EVERY color service for new guests!  Schedule your balayages, your new growth touch-ups, your highlights and your full color and your haircut will be on us!

Keep an eye out for other exciting happenings and offerings from us to you!

Stay cool, everyone.  Drink lots of water and wear sunscreen.  And if you find your blonde is getting a little brassy with all of that pool and lake water, you know where to find us to help tone you back to beautiful.