Self-Care - the Mermaid Edition

We've all heard this term "self-care" thrown about in magazines and on day-time TV.  But how often do we practice it?  How often do we look ourselves in the mirror and say "You deserve to be happy.  You deserve to be taken care of.  You work really hard and should be rewarded."?  Not often enough in my opinion.  Our culture operates on the number of hours you clock, accounts you secure, and how exhausted you are at the end of the week.  And hard work is necessary, don't get me wrong.  But without reward, without seeing the growth from all that struggle - what's the point?


Friday night, Hilary installed 22 inches of custom-colored extensions.  And it was the most amount of money I had spent on myself in....years.  I could afford it.  I didn't have to take out a loan or open a credit card, but it was no small amount.  However - I have never felt better about myself.  I have wanted hair this long and healthy and with the perfect color as long as I can remember.  My natural hair is long by most standards, but it was never going to get as long as I wanted it to be.  I put off getting my hair cut or highlighted longer than I should because I'm "too busy" or feel like the money I would spend could be better spent elsewhere.  I. OWN. A. SALON.  Those thoughts are ridiculous - but I still had them.  I didn't feel like I deserved to sit down in the styling chair and look like my best self.

Then Hilary went and found this incredible method that's not only great for your hair, it's quality and thoughtfully done. The hair is the best that's out there.  The process in painless and seamless (and invisible even on the windiest days!) and I have never, ever, ever felt better about myself.  My skin looks clearer, my body feels thinner, I feel more confident and sexy and powerful.  I feel like my best self.  And I would have opened that credit card for it.  I would have taken out a small loan (that's so not necessary).  Because what Hilary was able to do for me and my hair is priceless.  

Check out her IG (@hilaryballardhair), check out DKWStyling and Natural Beaded Row Extensions.  Ask any one of the half a dozen employees here who say its changed their life.  Ask the countless number of guests who say they have tried every method under the sun and until they saw Hilary or Laura, their hair life was a grim one.  Photos and videos are great, but if you want personal testimony, you won't have to look long.

-Veronica, new mermaid to the scene.