Did you know...?

Did you know....

...when you schedule 3 services (mani, pedi, hair service, wax etc), or are coming in for your Natural Beaded Row Extension installation, we treat you to lunch or dinner of your choice from any downtown restaurant!

...Starbucks doesn't only happen on Saturdays!  If you schedule any service at 8am throughout the week, we treat you to your favorite creation as a reward for getting up so early!

...very soon we will be offering FULL BODY WAXING!!  We are currently able to do full face and underarms.  Keep an eye out for additions to our menu soon!

...we offer a 12% discount on any and all services when you live OR work in the 15222 zip code for the first year we're open.  So if you're our neighbor and are still thinking about giving us a try, call soon!

...if you are one of our beloved guests, bang trims and gel soak-offs with our polish are ALWAYS FREE!

...for every 3 people you refer, we give you 20% off your next entire service!

...for the month of August, if you work in the animal health care industry or are going to school to be in the veterinary field, you receive 20% off all of your services!

If you didn't know these things...now you do!  Happy Monday everyone, we hope it's a beautiful one.