Twelve27 Team 

At Twelve27 Salon, Hilary and Veronica wanted to build more than a staff, they wanted to build a tribe.  They couldn't be more proud to introduce you to their amazing team and feel blessed and overwhelmed with gratitude every day that the Universe dropped these women into their lives. 

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Hilary Ballard Johnston

Owner | Master Stylist

Hilary has been in the industry for over a decade and specializes in Balayage and Natural Beaded Row Extensions.  Hilary loves being behind the chair and interacting with her guests.  Even as an owner, she has no desire to step away from her role as a stylist.  When Hilary isn't working with guests she is educating, training and coaching her staff to greatness.  She believes that we are all students and never stop learning.  Hilary has no doubt that being in this industry is her calling in life and helping women feel beautiful and stylists feel empowered is her main goal every single day.    

(Behind the chair Tuesday 8am-8pm, Thursday 8am-8pm and First Saturday of each month 8am - 3pm)

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Veronica Ballard

Owner | Business Manager

Veronica has been in management and leadership roles for over ten years with a focus on customer service.  It has always been the goal to one day be a small business owner, and finding that partnership with Hilary just felt right.  Veronica brings a new perspective to the Beauty Industry, as she has worked in fine dining and high end luxury for the majority of her career.  You may find that things at Twelve27 strike you as different or unlike anything you have experienced in a salon environment... for those you can thank Veronica.  Her chief role in the company is to make sure everything runs smoothly, from our Guest Happiness Team to everything behind the scenes.  If you have any questions about the company or wish to speak with Veronica about your experience, you can send her an e-mail anytime. 

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Haley Wulff

Salon Manager

Haley is a Pittsburgh native who has recently moved back from Chicago and couldn’t be happier to be back home. Haley is a licensed esthetician from the AVEDA institute with a passion for creating an elevated customer experience and leading her team to success. With a focus on customer service and an understanding of the beauty industry she makes for a dynamic leader and perfect addition to the Twelve27 family. Haley is here to help facilitate the best experience possible for our guests and to support our team along the way. If you need assistance with securing an appointment or would like to give feedback on a service you have received at Twelve27, Haley is here to help.


Laura Packer


Laura has been with Twelve27 since January of 2018 and is a Tier 2 Stylist on our team.  She has worked in downtown Pittsburgh since 2015 and loves the fast-paced environment that a downtown salon provides.  Laura specializes in Balayage and Blonde Hair Color.  She is also certified in Natural Beaded Row Extensions. Laura has found that what makes her the happiest in her career is the ability to make others see themselves differently than they did before they sat in her chair. 

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(Behind the chair Monday 11am-8pm, Tuesday 11am-8pm, Wednesday 11am-8pm and Saturday 8am-3pm)


Jessie Kovacs


Jessie has been with Twelve27 since they opened their doors in November 2017 and is a Tier 1 Stylist.  She is passionate about the hair industry and has quickly become a rising star within our company.  Jessie is behind the chair with hair services and loves creating a new look for her guests with AVEDA hair color.  It is obvious when you meet Jessie that her biggest passion in life right now is her career.  She loves making people look, and more importantly feel, like the best version of themselves. 

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(Behind the chair Monday 11am-8pm, Tuesday 11am-8pm, Wednesday 11am-8pm and Saturday 8am-3pm)


Makayla Kotanicheck


Makayla has been with Twelve27 since they opened their doors in November 2017 and is a Tier 1 Stylist on our team.  Makayla started assisting Hilary while Twelve27 was still under construction in August.  She completed her Protege Program with Twelve27 Academy and has quickly built a clientele for herself behind the chair.  She believes that her secret to such rapid success in this industry comes from a place of service.  Makayla's main goal with her guests is make them feel beautiful and empowered while in her chair and building a lasting relationship with a foundation of trust.   Makayla is working toward a specialty in the world of hair color, with a focus on balayage and blondes.  She is also certified in Natural Beaded Row Extensions and loves having this service to offer her guests and be able to give them the hair they have always dreamt of.

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(Behind the chair Monday 11am-8pm, Thursday 11am-8pm, Friday 8am - 6pm and Saturday 8am-3pm)


Josie Diclaudio


Josie has been with Twelve27 since March 2018 and is a Tier 1 Stylist on our team.  Josie has been in the industry since May of 2017 and is passionate about "lived in beauty".  Josie believes that you don't have to be high maintenance to have excellent style.  She is working toward a specialty in effortless balayage to ensure a high-end look to a low-maintenance guest.  Josie worked with Hilary exclusively during her Protege Program in Twelve27 Academy and after graduating has shown incredible ability behind the chair as a stylist with our company.  Josie loves being able to use the art of beauty to bring out a person's style and personality.

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(Behind the chair Monday 11am-8pm, Wednesday 11am-8pm, Thursday 11am-8pm and Saturday 8am-3pm)


Stephanie Smith


Stephanie has been in the beauty industry since 2012 and joined Twelve27 in September of 2018 as Hilary personal assistant. Stephanie works with Hilary behind the chair two days a week focusing on elevating her skills as a stylist and shadowing Hilary to learn her methods. Stephanie also takes guests of her own two days a week as a Tier Two Stylist and specializes in Blonding services and Balayage. No appointment with Stephanie is complete without at least a portion of the conversation revolving around her pets, and wanting to see photos of her guests fur babies as well. Stephanie has always been drawn to things of beauty and couldn’t imagine a different career for herself. The ability to change someones day by giving them confidence and the skills to style their hair at home is what she does best, and the main reason she loves coming to work each day.

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(At the Salon w/ Hilary Tuesday 11pm-8pm, Thursday 11pm-8pm. | Behind the Chair Friday 8am-3pm and Saturday 8am-3pm)


Jenny Nesser


Jenny joined our team at the beginning of 2019 and couldn’t have come at a better time or been a better fit to complete our team going into the new year. Jenny has been behind the chair since 2016 and loves working in the beauty industry and feels beyond grateful to come to work everyday loving what she does! Jenny is a Tier Two stylist on our team and has a passion for color and extensions. Jenny is also certified in Natural Beaded Rows and is a raving fan herself and is excited to share that joy and confidence with her guests,

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(At the Salon Wednesday 11am-8pm, Thursday 11pm-8pm, Friday 8am-6pm and Saturday 8am-3pm)


Alex Healy

Master Speed Waxer | Esthetician

Alex has been working as a Master Speed Waxer for the last five years and has been with Twelve27 since 2018. The company has always wanted to have spa services and see multiple spa locations in the future, so when we met Alex we knew we had to act fast and create a position not to lose her. Alex works four days a week offering full body waxing services and is excited to grow with the company and help expand the esthetics department at Twelve27. Alex exudes a sense of calm and confidence when working with guests and always ensuring the service is performed in a timely and sensitive manner.

(At the Salon Wednesday 11pm-8pm, Thursday 11pm-8pm, Friday 8am-6pm and Saturday 8am-3pm)


Margaret Eros


Margaret joined the Twelve27 Team in November of 2018 and relocated for the job from Indianapolis IN to Pittsburgh PA. When Margaret heard Hilary speak at her school, AVEDA Frederics Institute, she knew she wanted to make the leap and not only uproot her life for a new adventure, but to be a part of what Twelve27 was doing in Pittsburgh. Margaret has a passion for color and has always been drawn to the beauty industry for is freedom and ability to express creativity. As she works thorough the Protege program with Hilary she is excited to start taking clients of her own and build a life and clientele in Pittsburgh.

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